PURPOSE:  The committee shall maintain the responsibilities and requirements as set out in the Professions and Occupational Association Registration Act and School Business Officials Regulations.  
ACCOUNTABILITY:  The committee is accountable to the ASBOA Executive.
REPORTING REQUIREMENTS:  After each inquiry or review (as outlined in Section 11 of the SBO regulations), the Committee
  1. MUST make a written report to the Executive on the inquiry, or review and, where appropriate, on its decision.
  2. MAY make recommendations to the Executive regarding the matter inquired into or reviewed, together with reasons
  3. MAY make recommendations to a regulated member as to that person’s conduct in the practice assessment
  4. MUST, if it is of the opinion that the conduct of a regulated member constitutes or may constitute either unskilled practice of the profession or professional misconduct within the meaning of Section 19 of the Act, forthwith refer the matter relating to that conduct to the chair of the Discipline Committee to be dealt with under Part 3 of the Act.
AUTHORITY:  The committee has authority as identified in the SBO Regulations and budget authorized by the ASBOA Executive to:
1.  Inquire into, report to and advise the Executive in respect of:
  • The assessment and development of education standards and experience requirements that are conditions precedent to registration as a regulated member
  • The evaluation of desirable standards of competence of regulated members generally
  • Any other matter that the Executive from time to time considers necessary or appropriate in connection with the exercise of its powers and the performance of its duties in relation to competence in the practice of school business administration generally under this Regulation and
  • The practice of school business administration generally
2.  Conduct a review of the practice of a regulated member.  The committee MUST give reasonable notice to a regulated member of its intention to conduct a review.
MEMBERSHIP:  Shall consist of:
  1. One (1) certified school business official who is a member of the Executive
  2. At least two (2) certified school business officials who are not members of the Executive, one of whom must be appointed as chair.
  3. The members of the Practice Review committee must be appointed by the Executive in accordance with the bylaws
  4. The Executive may choose to add additional Certified Members if required.
A member of the ASBOA Executive serves on each Standing Committee and Adhoc Committee as a board liaison.  Their role is to:
  1. Report on committee activities to the board of directors and advocate for the committee
  2. Serve as a resource for the committee
  3. Help the committee chair coordinate the association’s strategic plan and the committees activities and plans
  4. Review the committee’s mandate and activities and recommend committee membership as appropriate
The role of the staff is to:
  1. Maintain contact with the committee chair throughout the year
  2. Serve as a resource for the committee
  3. Promote committee membership