Committees are a basic, fundamental force within the Association. From top to bottom, ASBOA is organized on the volunteer committee principle.    The Association relies on committee representatives to act in the Association's best interests, to be knowledgeable about and proactive on the issues facing school business in public education, to study the questions before it, to base decisions on reliable information, and to be honest and trustworthy in all actions.
All members are encouraged to take an active role in the Association and contribute through this and other methods.  ASBOA currently has  3 committees as required under the Professions and Occupational Association Registration Act


The Executive reviews the committees required each year and determines the level of support and activity needed.  Currently the Executive has 4 Standing Committees and has identified several Ad Hoc committees to work on specific initiatives identified in the Association Strategic Plan.

  • Information Reporting Committee
  • Leadership and Development Committee
  • Legislative Committee
  • Records Management Committee
Members volunteering for a Standing committee are asked to commit to a minimum 2 year term.  Ad Hoc and project initiatives are topic/time specific and when the work is complete the committee is dissolved.  
Our members also volunteer and/or are appointed or invited to represent the Association and it's membership on various Government and Stakeholder initiatives.  These may be multi-year initiatives or term/topic specific.  The Government/Stakeholders generally set the terms of reference and scope of project.
We are currently working with Alberta Education on:
  • PASI and Student Records Digitization
  • Provincial Bargaining working groups
  • Provincial Brokering Model
  • Regional Consortias
  • Student Technology Advisory Committee
College of Alberta School Superintendents 
  • First Nations, Metis and Inuit Symposium Planning Committee
  • Rural Education Symposium Planning committee
  • CASS/ASBOA Summer Conference Program Development and Planning
  • WellAhead Advisory Committee
Updates are provided regularly to ASBOA members through Quick Notes.