Committees are a basic, fundamental force within the Association. From top to bottom, ASBOA is organized on the volunteer committee principle.  This allows a number of talented individuals to work together to provide grass roots thinking and advice on issues.  The committee assignments of ASBOA are a responsible and important role that all members of the Association are called upon to participate in. All members are encouraged to take an active role in the Association and contribute through this and other methods.  ASBOA currently has  3 committees as required under the Professions and Occupational Association Registration Act


and 4 Standing committees as appointed by the Executive in accordance with Association Bylaws

  • Information Reporting Committee
  • Leadership and Development Committee
  • Legislative Committee
  • Records Management Committee
In addition to members volunteering to participate on Association committees, our members also volunteer and/or are appointed or invited to work on various Government and Stakeholder initiatives.
We are currently working with Alberta Education on:
  • PASI
  • Provincial Bargaining working groups
  • Regional Consortias
  • Student Technology Advisory Committee
  • System Excellence Advisory Committee
College of Alberta School Superintendents 
  • First Nations, Metis and Inuit Symposium Planning Committee
  • Rural Education Symposium Planning committee
  • CASS/ASBOA Summer Conference Planning
Updates are provided regularly to ASBOA members through Quick Notes.