A School Business Official’s professional behavior must conform to an ethical code. This code is designed to promote a quality of behavior that reflects honour and integrity on the profession of School Business Officials and as such the School Business Official must maintain standards of exemplary professional conduct. 
Therefore, we as members, must subscribe to the following code of ethics.
 A School Business Official shall:
  • Recognize that the well being of students is fundamental in all decision-making actions.
  • Carry out his/her duties in compliance with Legislation and Regulations as set down by government and pursuant to all policies of the board of Trustees.
  • Work cooperatively with the Board of Trustees, Superintendent and other staff in developing the annual budget and in allocating resources to best meet the abilities, interests and needs of all students.
  • Set standards for business and financial efficiency within the jurisdiction.
  • Treat all companies and individuals in a professional manner fostering and promoting fair, legal and ethical trade practices.
  • Refrain from exploiting their position for personal gain.
  • Support the principle of fairness and protection of individual rights.
  • Refrain from publicly criticizing the members of the Board of Trustees, the Superintendent, staff and the Association or its’ members.
  • Uphold the profession’s honour and dignity.
This code serves to enhance public confidence in the integrity and service of School Business Officials. Adherence to the Code is one of the requirements to maintain membership in the Association.
Approved and adopted in accordance with Association Bylaw 5.05 
Taking Care of Members, Taking Care of Business, Fostering Good Relationships
Our Profession
ASBOA is a self-regulating professional Association since 1993 and is governed under the Professions and Occupational Association Registration Act and the School Business Officials Regulation AR 37/2004.
Certified members of the Association may use the title "Certified School Business Official" and the abbreviations "CSBO" and C.S.B.O."