Each Member of the Association of School Business Officials of Alberta ("Association") (herein defined as a ("Member)) must conform to the standard outlined in the following Code of Ethics ("Code).  The Code is designed to promote members' personal ethical behavior and to reflect honour, integrity and the standards of exemplary professional conduct.  Moreover, it is intended to give assurances to the public that (a) ethical behaviour is expected and required by all Members; and (b) that the actions of the  Members are predicated upon the best interest of students and the public.

Fundamental Principles of Ethics


Professional Behaviour

  • Members conduct themselves at all times in a manner which will uphold the good reputation of the profession and serve the public interest and students.  In doing so, Members are expected to avoid any action that would discredit the profession.

Integrity and Due Care

  • Members perform their professional services with personal integrity and due care, acting in a straightforward, honest and fair manner to all in their professional relationships.

Professional Competence

  • Members will maintain their professional skills and competence by complying with and keeping informed of developments in their area of professional service, pertinent legislation and areas of practice.


  • Members will not reveal confidential information obtained as a result of professional, employment and business relationships to any person or corporate body without proper and specific authority (such as by legislation or by the school jurisdiction in writing), nor exploit confidential information for their personal advantage or the advantage of a third party.  Confidential information is defined as any and all information associate with a Member's work which became known to the Member by way of employment or as a Member of the Association.


  • Members will not allow their professional judgment to be compromised by bias, conflict of interest or the undue influence of others.

Reporting Concerns

Should a Member or any person consider that a Member's actions conflict with the application of the Code, the alleged concern or complaint must be reported in writing to the Chair of the Discipline Committee of the Association ("Chair").

Disciplinary Action

The relevant provisions of the Professional and Occupational Associations Registration Act, including applicable regulations and the bylaws and Discipline Process Manual of the Association, shall be followed in the consideration of each concern or complaint.
Approved and adopted in accordance with Association Bylaw 5.05 
June 6, 2019
POARA - Part 3
SBO Regulation 37/2004
ASBOA Bylaws 3.07, 5.05
Taking Care of Members, Taking Care of Business, Fostering Good Relationships
Our Profession
ASBOA is a self-regulating professional Association since 1993 and is governed under the Professions and Occupational Association Registration Act, the School Business Officials Regulation AR 37/2004 and the Association Bylaws.
You must be a registered Certified member of ASBOA to use the title "Certified School Business Official" and the abbreviations "CSBO" and C.S.B.O."