July 1st, 2021 - June 30th, 2022
Pre-designed campaign emails
Tahra  Sabir, CPA, CMA, CSBO
Secretary Treasurer
Golden Hills S.D.
Segmented smart lists
 Francois Gagnon, CPA, CGA, CSBO
Secretary Treasurer
Ft. McMurray RCSSD
Dexter Durfey, MBA, CSBO
Secretary Treasurer
Palliser S.D. 
ZONE 1 Director (2019-2023)
Jody Frowley, CPA, CMA, MBA, CSBO
 Secretary Treasurer
High Prairie S.D.
ZONE 2 Director (2021-2022)
Madonna Proulx,  CPA, CGA
Managing Director, Financial Services
Edmonton S.D.
ZONE 3 Director (2021-2023)
Peter Neale, CPA, CA, CSBO
Associate Superintendent, Business and Finance
Clearview S.D.

ZONE 4 Director  2020-2022)
Amanda Lindemann, CPA, CA, SFO, CSBO
Director of Finance
Holy Spirit RCSSD

Modern websites

Executive Director/Registrar
Susan Lang
Grow your membership
Taking care of members
Our members benefit from access to ongoing professional development and training opportunities, resources and support, as well as the chance to network with hundreds of likeminded professionals.
Smart automation and workflows
Taking care of business
We ensure our members are provided with up-to-date information regarding relevant processes, regulations or legislative matters to keep you informed of any industry trends or development at all times.
Fostering good relationships
We encourage open communication, collaboration and cooperative working between all of our members and the groups with whom we interact.