ASBOA members are looking for information about products and services that they can apply to their everyday challenges. Exhibitors and Sponsors can respond to these needs with state-of-the-art services, materials and equipment, showcased in exhibits, through sponsorships and now through virtual learning opportunities.  
Let's keep working together - to find opportunities for you to get in front of the individuals working in School Business Management in the K-12 Education system in Alberta.
With your support and sponsorship, we will continue to provide informative and relevant virtual programing throughout the year,  while providing you virtual branding and recognition opportunities that will carry through to June 2022.    
Virtual Sponsorship Opportunities
Digital Communications Sponsor- $2500.00
  • sponsor logo included on dedicated conference announcements 
  • banner in the conference app
  • embedded video on your company profile
  • Showcase your company/product through a virtual showcase webinar - hosted and promoted by ASBOA
  • Company logo on ASBOA website with live link
Virtual Program Sponsor - $1000.00
  • Company profile listed in online directory up to June 30/2022
  • Document Uploads (PDF, Doc, XLS, etc) for attendees to download
  • Social media links
  • Links to Company blogs, learning opportunities
  • Embedded video
  • Directed emails to conference attendees.  You provide a pre-conference and a post conference email to the organizer, which will be sent to all attendees on your behalf
90 Second Spot - $500.00
  • Sponsors provide a pre-recorded video by link that we will play for all attendees at a designation virtual session.  This can be a welcome message, a product hi-lite, or a quick intro of your company.  
Banner Ad - $500.00
  • Banners Ads are placed throughout the conference app.  Participants will see these banner ads throughout the program and every time they access the conference app over the next year.  The banner can be linked to your company website.
Conference Swag
  • You can help us build a virtual swag bag that we can distribute to conference participants via email.  (ie: Be a coffee/snack break sponsor by providing a coupon code or electronic gift card
Please contact Susan Lang, Executive Director, to discuss these and other opportunities that may be available in support of the our virtual programs offered throughout the 2021 and 2022 year leading up to our Annual Conference in 2022.