Provincial Brokering Model - Working Group Approach
Education Stakeholders have been working together with Alberta Education to come up with a solution that would help school authorities realize cost savings, administrative efficiencies, and reduce duplication on select procurement opportunities.
The Alberta Educational Purchasing Group (AEPG) was created for the purpose of having a one-stop-shop for procurement opportunities and resources available to all K-12 entities in the Province of Alberta.
Let us introduce you to the AEPG.    The Alberta Educational Purchasing Group is a committee of purchasing and finance professionals representing metro and medium-sized school boards and charter schools.  Our goal is to create an environment where all K-12 school authorities through the Province of Alberta can take advantage of the purchasing power and volume discounts afforded to the larger boards, by:
  • developing and maintaining a catalogue of procurement contracts available for any K-12 entity to participate in. 
  • to act as a repository for common templates and forms.  
  • give all K-12 entities a place to communicate their purchasing needs