1. The New Rules of Networking
    Elizabeth George, MA, CSP, Compatibility Solutions Inc.
  2. Building Financial Literacy
    Christine Lee, FCSBO, Associate Superintendent, Business Affairs and Mark DeBoer, CSBO, Director of Finance, Lethbridge SD
  3. Succession Planning
    Brodie Church, Performance Management Consultants
  4. Are you a User?  That is a PowerSchool user?  (Drop in Round Table Discussion)
    Myrna Noble, Wolf Creek Public Schools


The New Rules of Networking (whether in-person or online) 

Building a Relationship Attitude

The events we attend are designed to improve our professional contacts and skill sets. The agenda gives a tantalizing range of informative sessions, frequent food and snacks and is interspersed with networking opportunities. We diligently take notes in the sessions, overeat and… Network. Overused word? Don’t we just do it?

Quick test:
  • Do you sit at the lunch table with people you already know at a conference?
  • Do the business cards you collect from others remain blank on the back?
  • Do you have unprocessed email connections or contacts?
  • Bio? What bio?
  • Does your webcam angle look up your nose? (ewww)
  • Is there more light behind your head than in front during virtual meetings?
  • Has it been over a month since you posted on LinkedIn?
  • Do you place your nametag on your left shoulder?
If you answered yes to any of these questions this session is a must! Learn the art of networking and you’ll convert event attendance and relationship building into a gold mine of opportunity. As you increase your networking skills, you will increase your performance/productivity effectiveness and efficiency.
Note:  This is a 1 hour session and will be offered twice on Wednesday afternoon

Building Financial Literacy

Ok let's face it...numbers are not everyone's thing.  Some people are just plain puzzled on how all the financial pieces work together.  Some of these people are our most important stakeholders such as Trustees, Parents, and Administrators. These stakeholders need to have financial literacy skills to discharge fiduciary duties, advocate for the school division, and properly run school operations.
This session will explore why financial literacy is important for your stakeholders, what information they want or need to know, and the tools that could be used to not only build stakeholder financial literacy but increase transparency and accountability by telling the story behind the numbers.  Participants will also learn about a variety of programs available to enhance the presentation of financial information to tell the financial story in new and engaging ways!

Succession Planning

This session will cover the following topic areas.
  • What is Succession Planning?
  • Benefits of Succession Planning
  • Creating the Framework and Developing the Process
  • Implementing the Plan

Are you a User?  That is a PowerSchool User?  (Drop in Round Table Discussion)

I know there is an easier way to do this but I just can't seem to figure it out.  I'm soooo close!!  This round table discussion is led by users for users! 

Please note that this is not a company led discussion group.  It is intended for those who are currently using PowerSchool and would like to share their questions and solutions, tips and tricks with each other on ways to work more efficiently.

Feel free to Pop in as your schedule permits.