The Make or Break Choices of Successful Professionals
Master compatible relationships to build a foundation for sustainable growth
Elizabeth George, MA, CSP, helps business leaders harness the power of relationships to impact productivity and performance. From the hiring process to personnel issues and employee retention, she helps teams re-think and improve relationships, often fixing problems before they occur, which immediately reduces costs and boosts the bottom line. She has a wide breadth of experience in human resource development, team engagement, customer experience, process consulting, and corporate change initiatives.   
Is there any aspect of your business that does not involve human relationships?
Whether you are in charge of hiring a team, managing a department, or working with colleagues…from selecting business partners to evaluating potential projects, compatible business relationships are crucial. But too many of us choose the wrong people for the wrong reasons and fail to harness the power of relationships to impact productivity and performance.
The quality of relationships will either boost or reduce your bottom line.
This keynote will give you insights into ensuring that your values, vision, and work ethic are in sync with your team, personnel and your organization. Explore three steps to achieve a foundation of sustainable growth. Results will assist you in taking the emotion out of decision making, reduce conflict and misunderstanding, and recognize fatal flaws that damage business relationships. This leads to an energizing and uplifting effect on your entire organization.