1. Interviewing & Selection Principles
    Julianna Cantwell, President of JUNA Consulting Inc.
  2. Identifying & Managing Business Risk:  What are the Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in K-12 Education that will affect Operations?
    Anthony Giannitsis, Senior Security and IT Architect at IBM Canada K-12 Education
  3. Elections 2021 - Plan, Prepare and Perform
    Lavonne Adams, Senior Manager, Business Operations, Alberta Education and Tahra Sabir, CSBO, Secretary Treasurer, Golden Hills SD
  4. Being Ready for Site Readiness
    David Cocks, Architect, AAA, MRAIC, LEED, AP, Principal, FWBA Architects

Interviewing & Selection Principles

Absenteeism, lateness, loss of productivity costs over $14 billion per year, and over half of this amount can be directly attributed to the wrong person being hired for the job!  In this interactive 90 minute workshop, learn practical tools and tips about how to hire the right people for vacant job postings - techniques that you can apply immediately that will save you time and headaches.

Upon completion of this 90-minute workshop, participants will be able to:

  • screen resumes and shortlist candidates efficiently
  • develop effective interview questions and apply different interviewing techniques
  • avoid asking inappropriate questions that should not be asked in an interview (including do's & don'ts)

Identifying & Managing Business Risk....

Cybersecurity is a business need that is all too often left to Information Technology (ITT) departments in K-12 Education manage.  A critical role of business leaders is accountability for custodianship of student information systems, financial information and operations of the school system.

In the digital reality, what areas of your business operations are becoming vulnerable and how do you manage these risks?

Based on a maturity framework, IBM will guide participants through an assessment process that has been developed from the lens of business leadership to understand the most common cybersecurity threats in the K-12 education sector and discuss strategies to reducing business impact.

Elections 2021 - Plan, Prepare and Perform

Lavonne Adams with Alberta Education will provide you with the information you need to know for Elections 2021.  There are a number of changes and new pieces to the school board trustee elections process and Lavonne will help you navigate through the myriad of information.  Tahra Sabir will share her experiences and some interesting lessons learned from the last 3 elections.

Being Ready for Site Readiness

As a necessary part of funding consideration for a new school or school modernization project, Alberta Education requires the completion of a Site Readiness Gated Checklist by the School Jurisdiction. These gated approvals can require input and investigation by the School Jurisdiction, the Municipality, land developers, and outside consultants in order to effectively evaluate the suitability of the proposed school site and clear the required approval benchmarks with confidence. This session will explore the requirements at each gate of the Site Readiness Checklist, and how best to address each requirement quickly and efficiently. Participants will learn about some specific risks and mitigations at the site readiness stage, and for later in project planning, design, and construction.