1. Boardroom Foundations
    Tash Taylor, President, Leadership Services
  2. Ethical Behaviour & Social Responsibility
    Louis Girard and John Burke, Supply Chain Canada - Alberta Institute
  3. FOIP Privacy Compliance - The View from My Desk
    Joan Dunlop, Partner, Cenera Inc

Boardroom Foundations

Governance has changed a lot over the years and continues to evolve in response to updated legislative changes, growing public expectations and greater fiduciary transparency.

In the midst of our daily work, we can lose sight of the essential governance foundations or get caught in outdated governance practices.  This session will provide participants with an overview of essential governance practices for school authorities in Alberta, as well as contemporary practices for those serving as corporate secretary and/or treasurer

Areas to be covered:
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Meeting Mechanics 
  • In-camera/committees of the whole/workshops and PD sessions
  • Organizational meeting
  • Special meetings
  • Relationships  

Ethical Behaviour & Social Responsibility

The primary goal of this workshop is to create awareness and advance knowledge about the challenges in business ethics and supply chain responsibility.

  • Learn about a broad range of social responsibility factors, such as environmental concerns and “fair trade.”
  • Discuss the various effects on social values and corporate ethical conduct
  • Identify the various stakeholders with interests in ethical issues in the context of their organizations.
  • Explain the relationship between business ethics and corporate social responsibility

FOIP Privacy Compliance - The View from My Desk

This session will provide a platform to address the most important issues facing School Business Officials and these are some of the questions you might have:
  • What concepts and values are essentially to effectively understanding FOIP Privacy?
  • What are the kinds of personal information in a public body that present the most challenges? What isn’t personal information and is any of that still governed by FOIP?
  • Are we collecting too much or the wrong kind of personal information from individuals?
  • Are we accessing personal information on a need to know basis?
  • How should I deal with personal information that is part of an internal or external breach or HR investigation?
  • How do Part 1 access to information exceptions apply to my decision making about personal information?
  • In what special situations can I disclose personal information without a FOIP request and without consent?
  • How do I identify and mitigate the privacy risks of current practices and systems in my public body?