Matt Day is a professional musician, speaker, musical humorist and music-care professional who works with organizations to deliver exceptional, unique and engaging musical entertainment and music-care services. Matt has worked with organizations such as The City of Edmonton, Epcor, Realtors Assc, Alberta Chamber of Resources, Enbridge, Alberta Health Services, Fairmont, AUPE, Covenant Health, and more.



Matt has performed in front of Queen Elizabeth II, former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak, and even Sesame Street’s Big Bird. You may have seen Matt on CBC a few months ago as he emceed one of the Canada-wide New Year's events hosted by Rick Mercer.

With numerous powerful stories about the effects of music in care settings complimented by his experience as a professional musician, Matt brings a refreshing perspective to virtual conferences and events. One of Matt’s most popular presentations is The Crescendo Effect.
The Crescendo Effect is unique from other speaking presentations in that it uses music, anecdotes and humour to explore key ideas such as:
  • The Value of Collaboration
  • Learn to Improvise
  • Expand Your Repertoire
  • Explore your Creativity and Play Each other Back in