Pre-Conference Workshop
Essentials of Risk Management for Alberta School Boards
Doug Wyseman, President, Municipal Risk Services Limited has been involved in risk management for over forty years. An Associate in Risk Management in the Insurance Institute of America, Mr. Wyseman has developed and taught risk management programs to a broad range of public entities throughout North America.
While the topic of risk management may sound painfully boring, it is vital that boards understand that the failure to properly manage risks can lead to disasters that can be painfully exciting.
Fortunately, when we have a solid understanding of how to effectively manage risks, it can become a relatively simple task.
Here is your chance to attend a practical workshop to learn about the risks associated with school properties and activities and the steps you can take to implement solid risk management programs for your board. Using many examples of real liability and property losses and injuries, this session drives home the need for written policies and procedures and provides same at this session.  Topics covered include: 
  • Property concerns and Inspections.
  • Insurance… too much or not enough?
  • Legal Liability of the board… and of employees
  • Open discussion on local issues/concerns.