The ASBOA Records Management Standing Committee continues working on developing a guideline School Jurisdictions can use while they work towards completing the PASI Digital Student Record Initiative.
At this time the ASBOA Records Management Standing Committee would like to thank everyone who has played a part in the development of the guideline. From answering questionnaires to sharing expertise, you have all played a vital role. The Student Records Digitization Guideline and ToolKit for School Jurisdictions is a living document and feedback is appreciated to ensure accurate and useful content.  
These documents provide practical suggestions with respect to digitization of student records and are intended for use by Alberta School Jurisdictions for non-profit educational purposes only and may be used in their entirety subject to the following conditions: 
  1. modifications are to support Alberta school jurisdiction privacy and information management practices;
  2. duplication is for an educational or implementation purpose in a not-for-profit institution;
  3. copies are made available without charge beyond the cost of reproduction; and
  4. ASBOA is acknowledged. 
Information contained in these documents is for general reference purposes and should not be construed as legal advice. Jurisdictions should consult with their own legal counsel for the purposes of interpretation, modification or implementation.  ASBOA accepts no responsibility for the implementation, modification or proliferation of the documents.
As your jurisdiction prepares to move to digital student records, existing paper Student Records will need to be cleaned and organized in a consistent manner.  Official Student Records, in PASI should include only those documents outlined in the Student Record Regulation as legislated in the Education Act.  

The Guidelines and Toolkit provide information on the following: