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Assistant Secretary Treasurer
School District #60
Jun 13, 2019
Jun 21, 2019 1 month ago
Fort St. John, BC
Assistant Secretary Treasurer
5+ years
Accounting Designation (CPA)
Description & Details
Assistant Secretary Treasurer
Position Description
School District # 60 (Peace River North) has an employment opportunity for an Assistant Secretary Treasurer. Preference will be given to candidates who have a recognized professional accounting designation (CA, CGA, CMA) and several years of related experience at a senior level. He/she is a team player who is "customer focused" and believes in quality management. The successful candidate must be a self-starter, possess superior analytical skills and well developed interpersonal and communication abilities. A background in a similar position in an educational organization and experience in the development of financial systems and processes involving the implementation of new technology are desirable.
As a senior management position in the District, the position will have an appropriate salary and benefit package negotiable within a salary range based upon the skill set of the successful applicant.
Other requirements for candidates include the following:
Core Responsibilities
The Assistant Secretary Treasurer (AST) reports directly to the Secretary-Treasurer and is responsible for managing financial, human resources and administrative functions of the Finance department. This includes facilitating budget processes; conducting financial analysis and preparing financial and Ministry of Education reports; developing and implementing effective systems and internal controls for accounting, payroll and data management systems; managing those systems and maintaining accurate and current records. The Assistant Secretary Treasurer participates as a professional member of the School District’s senior management team and participates in meeting the School District’s objectives. The Assistant Secretary Treasurer shall also, when so designated by the Board of Education, carry out the duties and responsibilities of the Secretary-Treasurer in their absence.
The Assistant Secretary Treasurer contributes to a healthy, positive and effective Secretary- Treasurer/AST working relationship. Leads by example, demonstrates a high degree of both personal and professional integrity, is respectful, compassionate and caring. Accountability is modelled through open ethical professional practices.
Alternate work arrangements may be considered should this be of interest to candidates.
About School District 60
School District 60 is noted for innovative educational practices and excellent cooperative relationships between all educational partners. Our district is made up of dedicated, energetic professionals for whom the achievement and well-being of their students is a first priority. Together we challenge, encourage and support all learners to be responsible for developing their abilities with respect for self, others and the environment.
School District 60 is progressive and growing. There are currently 23 schools with another new elementary school under construction. The district’s schools provide education services to approximately 6000 ethnically and demographically diverse students.
School District 60 is located on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains in the northern tip of the Canadian Prairies in beautiful Fort St. John, BC. Fort St John is 478 km northeast of Prince George and 1,237 km north of Vancouver, situated near the border with neighbouring Alberta, 214 km west of Grande Prairie, Alberta. The region’s economy is prosperous and expanding. Fort St John is a city for all seasons and year-round playground for those who like pristine wilderness, an active lifestyle, cosmopolitan city life and the enthusiasm of an energetic community. 
Specific Responsibilities
1. Leadership Role
1.1. Exhibits a high level of personal, professional and organizational integrity.
1.2. Promotes effective and efficient financial management at all school and district levels. Keeps up to date on contemporary practices and advances applicable to the Assistant Secretary Treasurer’s areas of responsibility.
1.3. Participates as a member of the School District senior management team in the consideration of issues; decision-making; management of School District resources and the achievement of School District goals. Assists other members of the senior management team as appropriate.
1.4. Provides leadership in the School District regarding compliance of internal control processes and accounting standards relevant to school districts.
1.5. Directs, coordinates, supervises and supports the work of the staff in the Finance department. The Assistant Secretary Treasurer maintains flexibility within available resources to provide services which reflect the changing needs of the School District and its employees.
1.6. Responsible for the management, maintenance and upgrade of financial, data, payroll and human resources information systems.
1.7. Performs other related duties as required for the purpose of ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of the School District.
2. Budget
2.1. Responsible for the development, maintenance and oversight of effective strategic and financial budget processes. Participates in strategic resource planning related to budget issues and initiatives.
2.2. Analyzes a variety of financial information for the purpose of providing direction and support, making recommendations, maximizing use of funds, and/or ensuring overall operations are within budget.
2.3. Works collaboratively with senior management, schools and departments to research and develop the annual and amended annual budgets.
2.4. As directed by the Secretary Treasurer, prepares the Annual and Amended Annual budget presentations to the Board of Education and the public, and ensures the timely submission of the approved documents to the BC Ministry of Education.
2.5. Prepares reports on financial and administrative matters related to budget issues and initiatives.
3. Financial
Financial Management: 3.1. Responsible for the financial management functions of the School District in order to ensure finances are managed according to legislation, policies and procedures and the accounting standards set out in Section 23.1 of the Budget Transparency and Accountability Act as they apply to a school district.
3.2. Responsible for monitoring budget allocations, expenditures, fund balances and related financial activities for the purpose of ensuring that allocations are accurate, revenues are recorded, expenses are within budget limits and/or policies and practices are followed.
3.3. Keeps all accounts and prepares annual financial statements in accordance with procedures specified by the Ministry of Education.
3.4. Responsible to ensure compliance with financial legislation, including the preparation of the Annual Financial Statements and the Statement of Financial information, policies and procedures and adhere to the terms of Funding and Contribution Agreements.
Financial Procedures and Systems: 3.5. Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the School District’s internal accounting, payroll and financial control systems to ensure compliance with Ministry directions and sound accounting practices.
3.6. Ensures that financial information is reliable and accurate, financial transactions comply with School District policy, business operations are efficient and assets of the School District are safeguarded.
3.7. Responsible for the design and operation of financial reporting to schools and departments to ensure reporting is timely and meets the information needs and responsibilities of users.
3.8. Responsible for the identification of, and initiation of improvements to automated and manual systems.
3.9. Ensures that appropriate computer and other information systems are in place to maximize operational efficiency and provide required financial and statistical data to business and school district staff in a timely manner.
3.10. Responsible for School Generated Funds reporting, oversight and policy and procedure development and maintenance.
Financial Analysis and Reporting: 3.11. Responsible for the preparation of regular financial reports on the current and projected financial position of the School District for the Board of Education and the School District senior management team as outlined in Policy 3170. Identifies matters that have significant financial or operational implications.
3.12. Analyzes budget variances and provides explanations for current and projected variances through the Secretary Treasurer to the Management and Finance Committee.
3.13. Prepares additional reports on financial matters as directed by the Board of Education or the Secretary Treasurer.
3.14. As directed by the Secretary Treasurer, responsible for the preparation of the annual financial statements and financial statement presentation to the School District Trustees and the public, and other financial reports for submission to the Ministry of Education and other regulatory bodies
3.15. Responsible to direct or conduct internal audits for the purpose of ensuring program operations are within budget, in accordance with policies and procedures and in compliance with the accounting standards applicable to school districts.
4. Internal Relationships
4.1. Ensures that the Secretary Treasurer and the senior management team have current knowledge of emergent financial issues.
4.2. Establishes and maintains positive, professional working relations with the Secretary Treasurer and senior management team.
4.3. Develops positive working relationships with other members of the School District senior management team and employee groups
4.4. Attends and participates in all Finance related meetings. Attends and participates in Board and other Standing and Ad Hoc Committee meetings, as required.
5. External Relationships
5.1. Liaises with other school districts, ministries of the provincial government, the BC Public School Employers’ Association, related organizations, other public and private organizations, external auditors, bankers, and other professional advisers.
6. Other Duties
6.1. Performs other duties as assigned by the Secretary Treasurer.
7. Reporting Relationships
  •  Reports to the Secretary Treasurer
  •  Directly Supervises:
            o Controller
            o Finance Staff (currently 2)
            o Payroll Supervisor
            o Financial Data and Applications Support
            o Purchaser
How to Apply / Contact
Please provide a cover letter explaining how you meet the qualifications of the position and a detailed resume with supporting documentation and a minimum of three professional references by 12:00 noon (June 21, 2019) to:
Human Resources SD#60
Attention: Crystal Jessen
Via: Make a Future
Please call if there are questions to Brenda Hooker- Secretary Treasurer at 250-261-0088 or Crystal Jessen at 250-262-2016